International Monetary Fund

The International Monetary Fund currently has 185 members (countries). Its main purpose is to promote international monetary cooperation, economic growth and currency exchange stability, among other things.

Its work is done in several ways:

- Surveillance: Monitors the global monetary system and the practices of its members. This way the IMF advises on red flags in political and/or economical instability and the consequent need of policy adjustments.

- Loans: The loans are not for specific projects but as help to balance the economy of a member country and promote its growth. This way the country receiving the loan can stabilize its currency, continue paying for imports, and strengthen its international reserves.

- Technical Assistance: The IMF helps its members to manage their economic policy and financial affairs in an effective way.

- Research: This is used to give proper advice to the members.

- Money Laundering and Terrorism: The IMF plays an important role fighting money laundering and the financing of terrorist activities. Its major concern is the consequences they may have on the economies of its members, like financial and economical instability and the reduction of foreign investments. The Fund provides help in the form of assessments, technical assistance and policy development.

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