Forex Terms G

Gamma. The rate of change of an option's delta, or the sensitivity of the delta.

Gann percentage retracements. The Gann theory focuses mostly on the eighths, along with retracements in thirds.

Gap. The price gap between consecutive trading ranges (i.e., the low of the current range is higher than the high of the previous range).

Genetic algorithms. Method used to optimize a neural network. Trial and error are applied to an evolution-like system, which mimics natural selection for financial forecasting purposes.

GLOBEX. An electronic trading system conceived in 1987 as an after-hours trading system and geared toward global futures trading. It was created through a joint venture of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), the Chicago Board of Trade (CBT), and Reuters PLC.

Golden cross. An intersection of two consecutive moving averages that move in the same direction and suggest that the currency will move in the same direction.

Gross Domestic Product. The sum of all goods and services produced in a country.

Gross National Product. The sum of government expenditure, private investment, and personal consumption.

Gross National Product Implicit Deflator. Deflator tool designed to adjust the Gross National Product for inflation. It is calculated by dividing the current dollar GNP figure by the constant dollar GNP figure.

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