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By submitting your content to us, you:

- Declare you are the sole owner and author of the content you are submitting and own 100% of its copyright.

- Give us unconditional permission to publish your content on our site and distribute it to our subscribers through our RSS feeds and to the members of the Successful Trading Club via our newsletter.

- Understand that it is the Foreign Exchange Center team’s decision to publish your content and for how long. There are no guarantees that your submission will be accepted. Our visitors are our No. 1 priority and the quality of your content will determine its publication. We reserve the right to remove your content at any time for any reason.

- Acknowledge that we do not pay for the submission of content. The reason you share your expertise with our visitors is to earn their trust and invite them to visit your site. It will be up to the content and services you offer if these new visitors coming from us to your site become your customers or not.

- Understand that we reserve the right to publish ads on the same pages as your content.

- Comply with our guidelines:

* Must be original content written by you.

* Must be informative, valuable, with strategies, tips, techniques, lessons learned in your experience, and anything you would say to a good friend of yours who asks your guidance in foreign exchange trading.

* No content hinting a get-rich-quick business, a sales pitch, hype, self promotion, a press release or advertisement will be accepted. No exceptions.

* Must be in English, properly proofed, structured and checked for accuracy. If it is hard to read, it will not be accepted. No exceptions.

* Content must be submitted once, not several times with few changes. If we receive multiple submissions of the same content, the author and his/her website will be banned.

* No links in the article body. Use the area reserved for the author’s bio.

* Title and text must be consistent, not deceiving. If the title promises something, it must be delivered in the article body. No exceptions.

* There are allowed up to three links in the author’s bio area. Make the best of them guiding the reader to great pages on your site, not email addresses, sales letters, affiliate links, squeeze pages, error pages, or pages not related to the subject matter. Content with this type of links will be rejected. No exceptions.

- We reserve the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

- The publishing of experts’ content is not an endorsement from Foreign Exchange Center. The views of the experts are theirs and do not necessarily reflect the views of neither Foreign Exchange Center nor Lanval Corporation.

- For any questions regarding the content submitted by the experts, you have to contact them directly through their respective web sites.

- For more information, read the Terms and Conditions and the Disclaimer of this site.

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